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Addiction treatment is a journey. Getting sober through detox and learning how to live a new life free of drugs and alcohol through rehab is the beginning of your sober and addiction free life.

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Surround yourself with like minded people. Whether you are looking for inpatient, outpatient or a sober living house, being around people who are striving towards the same purpose will help you on your journey.

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How It Works

Medical Detox And Rehab. Whatever treatment you or your loved one requires, we have a treatment program that can work for anyone who is willing to commit. It only works if you work it, is our motto.

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Addition Treatment Experts

Getting quality care from trained medical staff is so important during treatment. Our centers work hard to provide a safe and caring atmosphere to support and lift up our patients.

  • I loved my treatment center. Addiction Solutions helped me find a treatment center to help me detox and then go through rehab. I highly recommend their team to anyone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol!

  • As someone who has gone through the ringer with drugs and alcohol, I can say confidently that this program works if you work it. I did the detox and rehab and got involved in a 12 step program as well. These combined worked really well for me.

  • Addiction Solutions helped my sister overcome her dependence on heroin. I am so glad she actually went to treatment!

  • I was super skeptical detox and rehab would actually work. Ive seen so many other people fail. But I had to realize their success or failures was merely a reflection on them, and not my own ability to change my life. I took ownership of my life and worked through the programs. I came out better for it.

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